A Benefactor is “one that gives aid, especially financial aid“. The Roman Catholic Church through out its history has always had a certain number of benefactors to promote development in the arts, buildings and apostolates. Today more than every the Catholic Church needs benefactors to aid in it’s rebirth; a Renaissance for this millennium

TBC is a Roman Catholic laymen’s organization.  We form bonds with fellow Catholic professionals and organizations in order to be of assistance to the Catholic Church and Her Traditions

We believe that TBC can best assist by alleviating the clergy from the necessary but mundane tasks that we as professionals provide to the secular world.  TBC members offer their professional abilities and services so as to lift the burden of the clergy of the material tasks that they might find distracting from their spiritual mission.

Thus, under the spiritual guidance of a Catholic Priest, TBC performs work for the Church much as an altar server assists the Priest during the Holy Mass.

Additionally, the TBC members of which are laymen, are to recite the Holy Rosary daily and attended weekly the Latin Mass or extraordinary form of the mass and weekly devotionals as provided.  We address our primary duties of prayer and family.  We realize that all matters should start in prayer and as the head of our families we should lead in this duty.

After the offering of prayer, we will put our hand to the plow.

As Christians we recognize the Catholic Churches’ teaching of Christ the King.  We want to see His “kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” This reign of Our Lord will only come when men follow Him. We do not wish to work in the political, but rather the professions that we find ourselves. In following Our Lord in our work, duties, and family lives, the social reign of Christ will be seen.